The United State of Women

Together, We Are Stronger

On June 14th, the White House Council on Women and Girls, together with the Department of State, the Department of Labor, the Aspen Institute and Civic Nation, is convening the first United State of Women Summit, a large-scale effort to rally together advocates of gender equality to highlight what we’ve achieved, identify the challenges that remain, and chart the course for addressing them. Experts, advocates, and grassroots and business leaders who work in both domestic and international arenas will gather to highlight key issues affecting women and girls and best practices to carry on into the future.
 Featuring a diverse mix of speakers and panelists from around the world, the Summit’s plenary and breakout sessions are built around six pillars:
 * Economic Empowerment
 * Health and Wellness
 * Educational Opportunity
 * Violence Against Women
 * Entrepreneurship and Innovation
 * Leadership and Civic Engagement





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